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Note: This is my very personal “about” page. For my professional bio, look here or here. In a nutshell:

  • I’m a London-based, Israeli-born entrepreneur working as a startup and innovation consultant.
  • My specialties are product management, marketing and customer development.
  • I help early-stage technology startups get to market faster and build the right products for their customers.
  • I teach large corporates to be innovative like startups, and not like large corporates.
  • coach and mentor, teach and design educational content on startup innovation.
  • I am also a photographer, and blog about Scotland in Hebrew.


My story

I was born near Tel-Aviv and grew up there for most of my life, moving to London in early 2012. Both cities are incredible in their own ways.

Being an entrepreneur runs deep with me. My friends and I launched our first venture when I was 16, got it funded at 16.5 and failed with it at 17.

This wasn’t a software or Internet start-up. In fact, it was a hugely ambitious not-for-profit project with the goal of combining science education and entertainment in a unique setting. Most importantly, though, I worked on it with people whom I love to this day.

In my career since then I have worked as a graphic designer and business research analyst, held senior marketing and product management roles in the software industry, and even did a short stint as a venture capitalist.

If you have no affinity to the world of technology, what that means is that I’ve designed and helped build software products that were used by a great many people around the world, and some that were sold to very large corporations.

Along the way I’ve also worked with amazing startups, giant corporations, charitable and community organisations, small businesses and individuals to refine ideas, create conversations around them, and (occasionally) do things that really matter.

My mission is to help brave innovators — in any context — move faster, think bigger and make smarter mistakes.