“The purpose of education must be to elevate the individual.”

In my training work I focus on two main audiences:

Short workshops / keynotes are typically 45-90 minutes, with time for discussion or Q&A. They can be delivered one-off, combined or slot into a larger content programme.

Long workshops are typically 1/2 day to 1 full day (with breaks).

Workshop series / short courses are typically 2-4 sessions delivered over a multi-day or multi-week period.

Courses normally refer to 6-12 week (24-120 hours) of comprehensive training.

Facilitation is available for peer circles, roundtables, panels, pitch clinics, off-sites, feedback sessions, etc.

Content is often combined with facilitation, as well as individual or team coaching.

Startups & Scaleups

Most of my workshops for startups and scaleups are designed for the time and money constraints of early stage and high growth companies. That is—short and to the point.

This also works well for those who support entrepreneurs and their busy teams—VC funds, incubation, acceleration, and academic programmes.

However, intermediate and advanced content can’t really be covered in an hour, and may need to be broken into multiple sessions.

Engagements with facilitation or group work are often longer as well, requiring a regular cadence or more intensive delivery.